Collaboration Sketchbook Volume #1 to be released at Ohayocon 2016 / by Kasandra Murray

Collaboration Sketchbook by Kasandra Murray

Collaboration Sketchbook by Kasandra Murray

Now that Ohayocon is getting closer I can release some more information about the new sketchbook that I will be selling (hopefully exclusively) at the con.

It will be a 1st Volume Collaboration Sketchbook.

You might be asking what exactly is a Collaboration Sketchbook?

It is actually the brain child of my boss and I. I had spoke to him earlier this year about how I was interested in doing a coloring book, but it feels like so many coloring books were out there and it wouldn’t stand out. He mentioned releasing a book that was full of my sketches and we mashed the two ideas together to create a Collaboration Sketchbook.

The book will include 10 sketches, which some will be exclusive to the volume and 20 additional sheets of sketch paper. The paper I purchased to produce the book is by Strathmoore which is the same brand I use to do all of my drawings on.

The idea of the book is when it is purchased, the person who buys it can do with it what they please. They can keep the printed sketches for their own and frame them or they can draw on them and color them. Anyone who chooses to add their own creative ability to the book can submit their collaboration with me on my tumblr page here and I will post the artwork on all my social media platforms as well as my website.

So many artist have stood across the table from me at each of these conventions and I have really wanted to start making art for artist. I want people to not only love my work but engage with it and I think this is a first good step.

I am pretty nervous to roll out this strange idea, but for this fist volume the sketchbooks will only be $15 there will only be 15 produced.

I will keep posting more as we begin to make them. The photo above is the white mock up I put together to see how thick the books will be.

Stay posted!