6 Virtue Challenge

6 Virtue Challenge: Ambition by Kasandra Murray

What is my definition of ambition?
The high you experience when you find something in life you are so passionate about you get withdrawals when you go without it. That moment in life when you stop doing things in spite of others, or to prove yourself to someone, but you do something because it makes you happy and you get a rush with every moment you spend pursuing your passion.
Ambition is the long nights, the early mornings and the total break downs before success.
It is the blind jump into the unknown with the confidence you will succeed.
That is my definition of ambition.
1st sketch of my 6 virtue challenge, I hope you can enjoy seeing it as much as I did drawing it.

World of Grey: My 6 Virtue challenge by Kasandra Murray

Just recently I was brought back to a harsh reality that I work in an industry that deals with the power of persuasion.

In college we have the easy options of marketing for products we like and believe in. Even if we may not like the project, we were never given the difficult task of marketing for something we found against our ethics.

Unfortunately the world does not always allow us to do what we want all the time. 

What most people do not understand is I have been shaped into a unique asset that has the capability to make you want something you don't need, or worse, something that can harm you. 

I have been stuck in a twisted, nauseous sickness of struggling between the thoughts; "Business is business" and "Am I breaking my own code of ethics?"

I have not come to a conclusion. I have been digging deep looking for articles and stories of others who have had to face the same decisions as I am now.

Then I came across this article:

An Ethical Advertising Agency by Alain De Botton

His idea is interesting and I want to take his challenge up as an illustrator.

What I’m proposing is a new kind of Ethical Advertising Agency, which would every year run a campaign promoting six key virtues, as chosen by an online poll.

I unfortunately do not have the following that would be able to give me the response I want so I will choose the virtues myself.

My six will be:

  1. Ambition
  2. Flexibility
  3. Hope
  4. Trust
  5. Perseverance
  6. Defiance

I do not want to use this as an excuse to allow me to bend my ethics, but to offer something to my industry that makes them question if things are really black and white.