Life Advise for Artist

The Art of Failure: Understanding how your success is dependent on your durability.

The past few months I have been trying to teach myself how to screen print. Screen printing is a time-consuming and difficult process to learn especially when self-taught. I have put a lot of time, money, and literal tears into the learning process. Some of the mistakes I have made have me slamming my hand to my forehead because I was trying to rush. Some mistakes had me in tears while I wash out my screen in defeat.

The Art of Denying: Why being able to say 'No' is important as an artist.

Being able to say no helps prevent your business from failing and helps maintain a healthy economy for the creative world. 

Now I know what you are saying, "What a negative article! I was taught being a yes man/woman is the best way to progress in life!"

I would like to take a moment to disagree with you. I have been designing for a few years now and being only agreeable with every client or person you work with can be toxic. Many people won't take advantage of you and will work with you and whatever terms you set, but in some cases, people will try to squeeze anything and everything they can from you. As an artist or designer you need to be able to identify these people before it is too late.

The Art of Intermission: Why artist should know it is ok to stop making art for a while.

The Art of Intermission: Why artist should know it is ok to stop making art for a while.

Four Months.

This is how long it has been since I have felt passionate about making art. Four months of walking into my studio space only to look around for a brief moment, then softly back out and close the door behind me. Four months of questioning if I am on the right path. Four months of insignificant doodles in my sketchbook that only made me feel more cumbersome.