Computer Gnome branding

Computer Gnome is the local computer service provider and was in need of an updated and modern logo.
They approached the company I worked for to be in charge of the branding project where I was assigned to be the lead designer.  


Sketching Process

Sketching Process

The sketching process involved me creating different variations of the company's mascot including typographical, icon, and mascot style solutions.

The final Sketch

Final Sketch

After reviewing with the client, we decided that the mascot style solution would be the best to approach. We kept the design simple so that it would translate well across many platforms. 

Final Logo Design

Final Design

The final design took inspiration from tech companies using a simple and polished look.

Branding Guideline Design


I developed a basic branding guideline booklet for the client so that any future design choices could stay in line with their logo branding.

Branding Collateral

Branding Collateral

With the new logo design, the client was in need of new collateral design. New business cards and marketing materials were developed utilizing the branding guidelines.