HRACO SHRM At Large Mailer

HRACO is the local Human Resource Association of Central Ohio and approached the company I work for looking to expand their membership in 2014.


Mailer Design

The Mailer

We did a promotional mailer in 2014, 2015 and then were asked to do another mailer in 2016. We had collected small data from the two previous mailers, but for the 2016 mailer, we encouraged the client to allow us to use their conversion information for reporting. 

Returns Report and Company Profile


With the conversion data provided to me, I was able to create a report that focused on previous years returns and the increased returns of the current mailer. I also created a profile of the ideal target audience based on the characteristics of the people who signed up during the campaign. 

Potential Returns

Potential Returns

From the profile of the ideal target audience, I was able to calculate potential revenue for future mailings. The detailed report provided the client with the tools to create better marketing campaigns.