Landsel Pocket Folder

Our client approached us looking for a way to stand out from their competition and elevate their appearance when giving a presentation to prospects. We took on this challenge by creating a portable pocket folder that could be customized. The outside of the pocket folder is die cut to not only allow for customized solutions but to create a very dynamic look with the texture and the client's logo.


Sheet Size

Depending on the importance of the content each sheet was designed with a specific size in mind. This allowed for us to use the multiple slot design for the left pocket helping with organization, hierarchy, and readability.

Print Production

We used multiple types of machinery from digital presses to our 60-year-old letterpress to achieve the final look of the pocket folder.


The overall response when our client utilized the folder was overwhelmingly positive. They noticed an increase in response rate and were able to use the folder for multiple occasions because of the ability to customize.